Links to sites about poison dart frogs

Did you know?
The most toxic poison frog is Phyllobates terribilis from Colombia, which can produce enough toxin to kill eight people!

A fully planted vivarium can contain mosses, ferns, epiphytes like bromeliads and even flowering orchids!

Frog tank maintenance

A great site about setting up planted habitat tanks with both land and water areas

For Sale

Vivarium supplies UK

Vivarium supplies USA

My frogs for sale

Frog Information

The British Dendrobatid Group Website
Great website with a lot of information on these frogs, their care in the vivarium and feeding.

Dendrobates World
Lots of info and articles

Great commercial site; has animals, plants and equipment for sale.

Black Jungle
American terrarium supply company

Poison Frogs
Terrific site with lots of images
Great site. In Dutch, but does that matter?

Lots of frog links


Dartfrog books

Poison dart frog gifts: T shirts, posters, and more all with a dartfrog theme!


This site contains photographs, information on poison dart frog husbandry, their habitats from the Amazon rainforest, and elsewhere in South America. There are articles on tropical plants (bromiliads, orchids, epiphytes), vivariums, and of course the frogs themselves. If you have any suggestions please contact me on


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