List of Poison Dart Frog Species

Did you know?
The most toxic poison frog is Phyllobates terribilis from Colombia, which can produce enough toxin to kill eight people!

A fully planted vivarium can contain mosses, ferns, epiphytes like bromeliads and even flowering orchids!


Adelphobates castaneoticus (formerly Dendrobates castaneoticus)
Adelphobates galactonotus (formerly Dendrobates galactonotus)
Adelphobates quinquevittatus (formerly Dendrobates quinquevittatus)


Andinobates abditus (formerly Dendrobates abditus)
Andinobates altobueyensis (formerly Dendrobates altobueyensis)
Andinobates bombetes (formerly Dendrobates bombetes)
Andinobates claudiae (formerly Dendrobates claudiae)
Andinobates dalesswansoni
Andinobates dorisswansonae
Andinobates fulguritus (formerly Dendrobates fulguritus)
Andinobates minutus (formerly Dendrobates minutus)
Andinobates opisthomelas (formerly Dendrobates opisthomelas)
Andinobates tolimensis
Andinobates viridis (formerly Dendrobates viridis)
Andinobates virolinensis (formerly Dendrobates virolinensis)


Dendrobates auratus
Dendrobates leucomelas
Dendrobates nubeculosus
Dendrobates tinctorius (see also Dendrobates azureus)
Dendrobates truncatus


Epipedobates anthonyi
Epipedobates boulengeri
Epipedobates darwinwallacei
Epipedobates espinosai
Epipedobates machalilla
Epipedobates narinensis
Epipedobates tricolor


Excidobates captivus (formerly Dendrobates captivus)
Excidobates mysteriosus (formerly Dendrobates mysteriosus)


Minyobates steyermarki (formerly Dendrobates steyermarki)


Oophaga arborea (formerly Dendrobates arboreus)
Oophaga granulifera (formerly Dendrobates granuliferus)
Oophaga histrionica (formerly Dendrobates histrionicus)
Oophaga lehmanni (formerly Dendrobates lehmanni)
Oophaga occultator (formerly Dendrobates occultator)
Oophaga pumilio (formerly Dendrobates pumilio)
Oophaga speciosa (formerly Dendrobates speciosus)
Oophaga sylvatica (formerly Dendrobates sylvaticus)
Oophaga vicentei (formerly Dendrobates vicentei)


Phyllobates aurotaenia
Phyllobates bicolor
Phyllobates lugubris
Phyllobates terribilis
Phyllobates vittatus


Ranitomeya amazonica (formerly Dendrobates amazonicus)
Ranitomeya benedicta
Ranitomeya cyanovittata
Ranitomeya defleri
Ranitomeya fantastica (formerly Dendrobates fantasticus)
Ranitomeya flavovittata (formerly Dendrobates flavovittatus)
Ranitomeya imitator (formerly Dendrobates imitator)
Ranitomeya reticulata (formerly Dendrobates reticulatus)
Ranitomeya sirensis
Ranitomeya summersi
Ranitomeya toraro
Ranitomeya uakarii
Ranitomeya vanzolinii (formerly Dendrobates vanzolinii)
Ranitomeya variabilis (formerly Dendrobates variabilis)
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata (formerly Dendrobates ventrimaculatus)
Ranitomeya yavaricola

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